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Die Ärzte – 5, 6, 7, 8 – Bullenstaat! (2020) CD Album

Band: Die Ärzte

Album: 5, 6, 7, 8 - Bullenstaat!

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Label: Hot Action Records

Release Country: Germany

Record Type: 34 Tracks CD Album

Die Ärzte are a German Pop-Punk band from Berlin, formed in 1982 by Farin Urlaub and Bela B. with Sahnie becoming the third member.
Sahnie was fired from the band in 1986, he was replaced by The Incredible Hagen. Die Ärzte split in 1988.

In 1993 the band reunited with Rod replacing The Incredible Hagen.

Current lineup:
Farin Urlaub (born October 27th, 1963 as Jan Vetter): vocals, guitar
Bela B. (born December 14th, 1962 as Dirk Felsenheimer): vocals, drums
Rod (born May 19th, 1968 as Rodrigo González): bass, vocals, guitar

Former members:
Sahnie (born June 12th,1962 as Hans Runge) from 1982 to October 1986: bass, vocals
The Incredible Hagen (born February 18th, 1961 as Hagen Liebing, died September 2016) from October 1986 to 1988: bass, backing vocals


34 Tracks
1 Punkbabies0:41
2 West Berlin0:44
3 Mc Donalds0:20
4 Bravopunks1:15
5 A-Moll0:30
6 Chile 30:41
7 Elektrobier1:20
8 Deutschland Verdrecke0:33
9 That's Punkrock1:01
10 Hass Auf Bier0:40
11 Bullenschwein0:06
12 Cops Underwater1:32
13 Ich Bin Ein Punk0:41
14 Rockabilly War0:39
15 Biergourmet0:37
16 Widerstand0:42
17 Killing Joke1:08
18 Rache0:19
19 Studentenmädchen1:03
20 Geboren Zu Verlieren1:17
21 Rockabilly Peace0:49
22 Tränengas0:59
23 'Tschuldigung Bier1:21
24 Knüppelbullendub1:41
25 Ich Bin Glücklich1:15
26 1 2XU1:18
27 Ihr Helden1:25
28 I Hate Hitler0:41
29 Samen Im Darm4:02
30 BGS1:03
31 Kein Problem2:58
32 Tittenfetischisten0:08
33 Paul3:00
34 So Froh0:23

2nd Edition with different textsheet.

Released in a cardboard slipjacket with lyrics insert.

Originally this release was only available at the "Rauf auf die Bühne, Unsichtbarer!"-Tour 2001,
but some copies were also sold at the "Es wird eng"-Tour 2007.

The entire album is available for free download through the band's official homepage.

Schwarwel is credited by his e-mail address [email protected]

All tracks previously unreleased, except tracks 26 to 34: previously released on 1, 2, 3, 4 - Bullenstaat!

Track 26 is a cover of Wire
Track 27 is a cover of Hass
Tracks 28 and 30 are covers of The Buttocks
Track 29 is a cover of Cretins
Track 31 is a cover of Rotzkotz
Track 32 is a cover of Brutal Gloeckel Terror
Track 34 is a cover of Ede & Die Zimmermänner

Mixed at CASA PEPE Studio, Javea
All tracks published by PMS Musikverlag, except track 26 published by Virgin Songs, track 33 published by Edition Brause Beat, BMG Ufa Musikverlag
Tracks 27 to 32 and 34: publisher unknown
℗ & © 2001 by Hot Action Records GmbH

Rated 4.5/5 based on 188 customer reviews

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