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Die Ärzte – Live (Nach Uns Die Sintflut) (1988) CD Album Reissue

Band: Die Ärzte

Album: Live (Nach Uns Die Sintflut)

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Pop Rock

Label: CBS

Release Country: Germany

Record Type: 46 Tracks CD Album Reissue

Die Ärzte are a German Pop-Punk band from Berlin, formed in 1982 by Farin Urlaub and Bela B. with Sahnie becoming the third member.
Sahnie was fired from the band in 1986, he was replaced by The Incredible Hagen. Die Ärzte split in 1988.

In 1993 the band reunited with Rod replacing The Incredible Hagen.

Current lineup:
Farin Urlaub (born October 27th, 1963 as Jan Vetter): vocals, guitar
Bela B. (born December 14th, 1962 as Dirk Felsenheimer): vocals, drums
Rod (born May 19th, 1968 as Rodrigo González): bass, vocals, guitar

Former members:
Sahnie (born June 12th,1962 as Hans Runge) from 1982 to October 1986: bass, vocals
The Incredible Hagen (born February 18th, 1961 as Hagen Liebing, died September 2016) from October 1986 to 1988: bass, backing vocals


46 Tracks
1-1 Ouvertüre Zum Besten Konzert Der Welt1:34
1-2 Radio Brennt2:26
1-3 Mädchen2:32
1-4 Frank'n'stein2:04
1-5 Ohne Dich2:02
1-6 Blumen3:01
1-7 Sweet Sweet Gwendoline2:04
1-8 Alleine In Der Nacht2:31
1-9 Außerirdische2:16
1-10 Buddy Holly's Brille3:48
1-11 Popstar3:07
1-12 El Cattivo2:46
1-13 Madonnas Dickdarm1:53
1-14 Dein Vampyr2:31
1-15 Siegerin2:10
1-16 Westerland3:41
1-17 2000 Mädchen2:51
1-18 Mysteryland3:24
1-19 Du Willst Mich Küssen2:59
1-20 Gute Zeit2:56
1-21 Helmut K.2:11
1-22 Wie Am Ersten Tag2:51
2-1 Wer Hat An Der Uhr Gedreht?0:30
2-2a When Will I Be Famous0:39
2-2b Tell It To My Heart0:17
2-2c Whenever You Need...0:09
2-2d I Should Be So Lucky0:07
2-2e My Bed Is Too Big0:10
2-2f Born To Love0:06
2-2g Kiss0:15
2-2h Zu Spät3:55
2-2i Blueprint0:23
2-3 Elke3:53
2-4 Ist Das Alles?3:05
2-5 Claudia4:58
2-6 Radio Rap2:31
2-7 Roter Minirock2:01
2-8 Scheißtyp2:17
2-9 Sie Kratzt2:10
2-10 Teenager Liebe2:36
2-11 Vollmilch2:15
2-12 Ich Bin Wild3:34
2-13 Uns Geht's Prima1:48
2-14 Sprüche18:50
2-15 10:02

Mixed at Preussen Tonstudio.

#2-2 is a continuous medley of cover versions (except "Zu Spät")
#2-13 and #2-14 recorded live during soundcheck in Bochum, 10th March 1988

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