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DIE SEUCHE – s/t LP 1990

Time for Die Seuche and they released two records in the 90s via Karl Walterbach’s AGR label and I think the last Punk ones. After that, as far as I know, only German metal bands come out on his new label Noise International because he prefers this genre and AGR became history. You can hear this on this album: excellent lyrics, catchy powerful metalpunk sound: Die Seuche!! A short bio in their own words: In the winter of 1984/85 Mannsteinstraße in Berlin-Schöneberg is haunted by a loud and contagious epidemic. It penetrates into the brain via the hearing and settles there. A humid cold attic serves the 5 Urviren (Tom, Frank, Jens, Mark and Ludger) as a breeding ground for the further spread. At the end of 1986, this “New Plague” was briefly dammed up and then spread out over the borders of Berlin with a new occupation as “The Plague” in 1987. They are followed by highly contagious concerts and tours across Germany. Three contaminated phonograms are released and the neighboring countries are infected. Since 1993, Die Seuche has been confined, but not eradicated. Individual components are still active… – In the same year, a mini-album followed ‘Pächter Des Wahnsinns’ with four new and five live goodies. A solid debut.

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