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Disaffect – Discography CD (2020) CD

Band: Disaffect

Album: Discography CD

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Label: Panoptic Vision

Release Country: United Kingdom

Record Type: 31 Tracks CD

Punk band from Glasgow, Scotland, UK. Formed in early 90's and disbanded a few years later and some members along with Sedition members, formed Scatha and Quarantine. Reformed in 2019 with original members; Joe, Brian, Lynne and Billy and adding new members Lee from 36 Crazy Fist and Jim from Machine Gun Etiquette, Ramrod and Fleas and Lice.

31 Tracks
1 Storm Coming2:45
2 Fast Music Doesn't Mean Violent Dancing1:35
3 A Plea For Peace2:21
4 Can't See The Woods2:04
5 Humane Humans1:34
6 No End In Sight0:56
7 Narrow Minded Bigots1:34
8 The End2:21
9 Braindead1:50
10 Judge & Be Damned2:31
11 Home Of The Brave1:54
12 Solution Available2:29
13 A Taste Of Their Own Medicine2:04
14 Headfucked1:20
15 Craven Image0:54
16 State Worse Than Death1:16
17 The Last Giant2:06
18 Can't See The Woods (Live)2:12
19 Sometimes2:24
20 Everything's Fine1:35
21 Warning1:32
22 Slow Death2:09
23 Chained To Morality2:20
24 Instrumental2:07
25 Internal Life3:27
26 Take It Back1:43
27 State Worse Than Death1:29
28 One Law For Them...1:58
29 ...Another Law For Us1:13
30 Final Strike2:13
31 The Man Who Cleaned The Bog2:19

Tracks 1-7 from An Injury To One Is An Injury To All 7".

Tracks 8-10 from Work As One / Sedition split 7".

Tracks 11-15 from Home Of The Slave 7".

Tracks 16-18 from split EP with BIZARRE UPROAR as part of Pestilence box set.

Tracks 19-31 from Chained To Morality LP.

Tracks 1-7 & 19-31 remastered at Sned's Bedroom Studio.

This CD is a benefit for Bradford's "1in12 Club".

Comes with a standard 7inches booklet with lyrics and credits.

Rated 4.5/5 based on 225 customer reviews

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