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Disclose – No More Pain (1998) Vinyl LP Remastered

Band: Disclose

Album: No More Pain

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore Crust

Label: Your Own Jailer Records

Release Country: Sweden

Record Type: 33 Tracks Vinyl LP Remastered

Disbeat band from Japan. Split up after the death of the band's leader Kawakami from an overdose of alcohol and sedative.


33 Tracks
From Split 7" With Hellkrusher
A1 Inhuman Act
A2 Once The War Started
A3 Why Must We Die?
Visions Of War 7" - Side A
A4 Visions Of War
A5 Victims
A6 Young Soldiers
From Split 7" With Selfish
A7 No More Pain
A8 Stand Up And Fight
A9 Victory
From Meaningful Consolidation - Compilation 2x7"
A10 Children Not Knowing Peace
A11 Battlefield
From Crust And Anguished Life - Compilation CD
A12 Nightmare
Exclusive Tracks
A13 In Fact
A14 Heartless
A15 Brutalities
A16 Realities Of War
Visions Of War 7" - Side B
B1 Burned Alive
B2 The Earth Is Dying
From Split 7" With Cluster Bomb Unit
B3 War Of Aggression
B4 Victims Of Warning
B5 Rights Of Liberty And Equality
From Split 7" With Homo Militia
B6 Pollution Of Development
B7 The Report Of A Gun
B8 Attack The Enemy
Great Swedish Feast 10"EP
B9 En Död Soldat
B10 Mitt Totala Hat
B11 Sista Striden
B12 Slutet Är Här
B13 Poor Fools
B14 Mot En Strålande Framtid
B15 The Fucking War Has No End
B16 Fred PÃ¥ Jorden
B17 Armed Revolution

Compilation of out-of-print releases plus four exclusive songs (A13 to A16).

Tracks A1 to A11 recorded at Grave Studio, April & May 1994.
Track A12 recorded at Grave Studio, August 1992.
Tracks A13 to A16 recorded at Grave New Studio, June 1997.
Tracks B1 to B17 recorded at Grave New Studio, March 1995.

All tracks re-mastered at Studio D-Beat Uppsala, Sweden in 1997.

Printed insert with recording info and lyrics.

Subtitle: "It's Enough Now It's Time For Reconstruction".

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