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Disorder – Gi Faen I Nasjonalitenten Din (1985) Vinyl LP

Band: Disorder (3)

Album: Gi Faen I Nasjonalitenten Din

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Label: Disorder Records (2)

Release Country: United Kingdom

Record Type: 18 Tracks Vinyl LP

UK political noise core punk band from Bristol.
Formed around 1980, the band relocated to Norway in the mid 1980's. Currently based in Bristol.

18 Tracks
A1 Complete Disorder
A2 Daily Life
A3 More Than Fights
A4 Remembranse Day
A5 Maternal Obsession
A6 Bent Edge
A7 Provocated Wars
A8 God Nowse
A9 Education
A10 Driller Killer
B1 Prisoner Of Conscience
B2 Life
B3 Rampton Song
B4 After
B5 Fuck Your Nationality
B6 Out Of Order
B7 Rhino Song
B8 Driller Killer Again

"It woz recorded on a Sony Walkman at 'Blitz' - Oslo. 24/5/'85. Mastered through a graphic equalizer at 'S-A-M' in Bristol." (from inner sleeve notes)."

Gatefold cover.

[Uncredited note] The title is a translation to Norwegian of the track Fuck Your Nationality but it's acctually misspelled on the release with an extra "n". Should be "Nasjonaliteten"

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