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Download DisSystema – The Grim Prospects Of Our Future (2022) Vinyl Album LP Megaupload

Information about this music album download:

Band Name: DisSystema

Music Album: The Grim Prospects Of Our Future

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Record Label: Putrid Filth Conspiracy

Album Release Country: Sweden

Music Record Type: 11 Tracks Vinyl Album LP

Dissystema (The System) a Raw hardcore Punk/D-beat/thrash/crust punk band started in 2002 in Philadelphia,


11 Tracks
A1 Living In A Post 9-11 World
A2 Genetic Nightmare
A3 Depression And Discontent
A4 Hope
A5 Our Streets Are Paved With Their Blood
A6 Out Of Work, Out Of Power
B1 The End Of All Life
B2 The Aftermath
B3 Wake The Dead
B4 Ghosts Of War Arise
B5 Deathbomb

Recorded sometime 2003 at Atmosphere Control, CT.

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