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Doom – Fuck Peaceville (1995) CD

Band: Doom (2)

Album: Fuck Peaceville

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Label: Grade A Thrape Records

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 37 Tracks CD

Formed in 1987 in Birmingham, United Kingdom, however they began as The Subverters, with Bri Doom (guitar), John Pickering (bass/vocals) and Jason "Hog" Hodges (drums). About the time Hog was replaced by new drummer, Mick Harris (Napalm Death), the band changed its name to Doom.

37 Tracks
1 Confusion3:58
2 Lifelock1:33
3 Slave To Convention0:54
4 After The Bomb1:28
5 Multinationals1:54
6 Circles0:42
7 War Crimes2:04
8 Relief1:14
9 Sold Out1:55
10 No Thought2:43
11 Free Yourself2:15
12 Police Bastard1:31
13 War On Our Doorstep1:14
14 Obscenity1:24
15 Sick Joke2:34
16 Exploitation1:48
17 Phobia For Change2:00
18 A Dream To Come True1:07
19 Relief (Part 2)1:12
20 Beat The Boss1:31
21 Agree To Differ4:23
22 Life In Freedom, Governed By Love0:27
23 No Religion2:01
24 Same Mind1:52
25 Drowning In The Mainstream1:58
26 Natural Abuse1:42
27 Scared2:18
28 Bury The Debt (Not The Dead)1:25
29 Money Drug1:33
30 Fear Of The Future2:00
31 Nazi Die2:05
32 Diseased1:11
33 Days Go By2:07
34 Stop Gap System1:34
35 Black Monday1:38
36 Means To An End4:44
37 Bastard File In The Urethra Of Paul Halmshaw2:24

Recorded at "In A City Studios" on 17, 18 & 19/2/95.

From the cover:

This release contains no new songs !!

This has been released due to the treatment the band has received from "Peaceville Records", who have now sold half the label to "Music For Nations". This happened after they had assured the band that the recordings wouldn't fall into the hands of a major label.

Also, for some years, the band have wanted to re-record some of their early songs, as they haven't been happy with the original sound production (Especially "War Crimes"). This has been released by the band, non-profit, to be sold as cheaply as possible.

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