Earworms 1 May 2017


We don’t have any dancing around the ‘Spill maypole, but there is a carnival this week, courtesy of John Handy and Ravi. Happy May Day to you, enjoy the music and don’t forget to keep sending your earworms (e.g. .mp3  or an internet link) to [email protected], with a few lines about why you’ve chosen them. Thanks to all contributors.

John Handy – Carnival – Ravi Raman: Title track of his 1977 album with Lee Ritenour on guitar.  I actually was searching for something by the latter and happily found a re-release of this.

Public Service Broadcasting- Progress – Abahachi: Setting themselves up for sarcastic critical remarks about the lack of musical progress from their earlier work, perhaps, but this is suitably earwormy as a taster for the new album, focusing on South Wales coalmining – I’m hoping for a cameo from Max Boyce.

Eugene Church – Don’t Stop Loving Me – severin: Gospel and Doo Wop singer of the late fifties/early sixties. Which is about all I know about him. Except he sounds like this and I like it. From a compilation called Jivin’ Jamboree vol 1. 

Kathy Heideman – Sleep A Million Years – glassarfemptee: Country music alert: I know country music is a bit marmite. But this 1970’s track from Kathy Heideman has wormed its way into my head at the first listen, and I’m hoping that putting it on Earworms will exorcise it! I like the lyrics too, such as “Don’t let your lips say no, when you feel yes” & “When we don’t live our truth we are so much less”.

Hayes Carll – Chances Are – tincanman: The hitch in his voice makes you want to run up and hug him. Willie wrote and sang almost this good.

Linda Lewis – More Than A Fool – AliM: From her 1972 album, “Lark”, which has a lot of good memories for me. Last time I posted a Linda Lewis track everyone hated it, but I’ve just downloaded the album so it’s in my head and I thought I’d inflict another track on you. Whahaha.

Don’t Stop Loving Me
Sleep A Million Years
Chances Are [KMAG]
More Than a Fool

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