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Earworms 11 February 2019

Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’, Into the future … I wanna fly like an eagle / To the sea / Fly like an eagle / Let my spirit carry me … Steve Miller’s song, an obvious choice so I didn’t pick it, but I’ve been singing it all week. Thank you for a superb selection of songs about birds of prey (particularly the Ian Siegal, Tinny, I love it). If you have an Earworm you’d like to share, please send an .mp3, .m4a or a link (Dropbox or other) to [email protected]together with a few words about why you’ve chosen it. Next week’s theme is laundry, interpret it as widely as you like.

Nico – The Falconer (see above) – severin: Like the title says it’s about the falconer, rather than the falcon, and I’m still not clear why he’s “sitting on his summer sand at dawn, unlocking flooded silver cages”. But what of that? It still sounds like nobody else ever did or could. The song was featured in a film called La Cicatrice Interieur or The Inner Scar. An apparently impenetrable work featuring Nico and her son for which the director refused to allow subtitles.

Big Joe Turner – The Chicken And The Hawk – tincanman: Classic love story: chicken meets hawk, falls in love; hawk must fight off eagle to keep her. Turner’s Kansas City jump/swing blues was a building block to rock and roll.

Thee More Shallows – Eagle Rock – shoegazer: Down in the mole hole / Or up on eagle rock / Crushed like a nut / Or saved by dumb luck.

Paul McCartney – Temporary Secretary – afictionhabit: (As in, secretary bird) – irritatingly nasal and a bit iffy in terms of theme, but was always top of my list if we ever did ‘jobs’. Works for this though!

William Fitzsimmons – Winter Bird of Prey – AliM: From his 2011 album Gold in the Shadow. American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, you can read more here.

Abba – Eagle – severin: After chatting with some well-travelled friends the narrator dreams that she’s an eagle. More for the soaring and swooping than any of that predatory stuff – but an eagle’s a bird of prey and I do like a bit of Abba so here it is.

Leo Kottke – Owls – Ravi Raman: Among the first few songs of his that I picked up after GHE’s Easter earworm share some time back. An instrumental, so no idea about the reason for the song’s name.

Ian Siegal – Eagle Vulture – tincanman: From last year’s All The Rage, whose snarling album cover suits the British bluesman’s disgust with Trump and what America has become – a scavenger motivated solely by feeding the 1%’s greed.

Hawkwind: Seahawks – abahachi: For a band whose name includes a bird of prey, Hawkwind’s oeuvre is remarkably short of suitable songs (yes, there’s Night of the Hawks, but the recorded version isn’t up to much). I suspect this one may not be about literal ospreys, but given that I haven’t managed to contribute to Earworms for months and months, it’s better than nothing …

Holly Macve – Golden Eagle – AliM: Slight nepotism here as Holly is my friend’s daughter. If you like your country fix like this, here’s a link to her excellent NPR Tiny Desk concert (2017).

Fat Boy Slim – Sunset (Bird of Prey) – afictionhabit: Sampling Jim Morrison from The Doors song Bird of Prey which maybe someone else will suggest (although it is only about 1m long).

Kate Wolf – Pacheco/ Redtail Hawk – Ravi Raman: A beautiful, evocative song. From her Weaver of Visions album, though this is a live version.

The Chicken And The Hawk
Eagle Rock
Temporary Secretary
Bird of Winter Prey (Acoustic Version)
Eagle Vulture [Rage]
Golden Eagle
Sunset (Bird Of Prey)
pacheco_the redtail hawk (live



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