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Monday’s child is fair of face / Tuesday’s child is full of grace / Wednesday’s child is full of woe / Thursday’s child has far to go / Friday’s child is loving and giving / Saturday’s child works hard for a living / And the child that is born on the Sabbath day is bonny and blithe, and good and gay. Here are your songs about days of the week. If you have an Earworm you’d like to share, please send an .mp3 or a link to [email protected], together with a few words about why you’ve chosen it. Next week’s theme will be signs of the zodiac – feel free to widen this, e.g. if you can’t find a song about “Libra”, find a song about scales. Or diplomacy. Or something relevant. Many thanks to all contributors. (Me? I was born on a Wednesday, natch.)

Lau – Saint Monday – AliM: Saint Monday is the tradition of absenteeism on a Monday, dating back to times when the working week was Monday to Saturday. Pay day was often Saturday, so workers had a little left-over money and food to tide them over till Tuesday. But in this case, the industry is long gone.

Smithereens – Groovy Tuesday – tincanman: I have no idea what a groovy Tuesday is, but I do know a Smithereens’ Earworm when I hear one. (Which is pretty much any of them).

This Is The Kit – Wednesday – AliM: I went to see TITK a few weeks ago, and very good they were too, in a laid-back trippy sort of way. Not music to dance around the kitchen to, but music to snuggle up with someone / something of your choice to. Which was unfortunate as I was (a) driving and (b) with someone un-snuggly. Hey ho.

John Lee Hooker – Wednesday Evening Blues – glassarfemptee: Classic John Lee Hooker with a familiar riff and a song of falling out of love.

Sam Baker – Thursday – tincanman: Sam Baker’s quiet lamentations on life could be as morose as fellow Texas troubadours past and present, but usually at least offer a hint at hope no matter how dire his characters’ circumstances. His rewriting of Mother Goose at the end seems fitting this week

New Orleans Nightcrawlers – Thursday Morning Revival – Ravi Raman: Picked this up during RRSA New Orleans week. Not sure what the revival stands for though. Lovely album.

JJ Cale – Friday – Ravi Raman: A thank god it’s Friday song in his inimitable style. Yet to get him zedded. (It will happen. It will happen. It will happen.)

Glen Richardson – Dress Down Friday – glassarfemptee: From Brighton-based Glen Richardson, a juicy pop ditty about redundancy making it Dress Down Friday every day.

King Crimson – Book of Saturday – AliM: No doubt familiar to many but a true Earworm for me, one of the first King Crimson songs I ever heard, usually followed by it’s Larks Tongues in Aspic bedfellow, “Exiles”.

Pyotr Leschenko – Mratschnoje Woskresenje (Gloomy Sunday) – severin:  The “king of Russian tango” forsook the dance floor for this version of the notoriously cursed Hungarian song/dirge. You probably recognise the tune from many other recordings but, be fair, in Russian? Possibly the language barrier helps in this case. Whether he includes the “I was only dreaming” Hollywood ending of most English versions I really couldn’t say.

Elvis Costello – Seven Day Weekend – severin: I suppose that’s what I have since I took the redundancy money, asked for early retirement and ran like hell. I think the bloke in the song is just dreaming of such a thing. “You say Monday’s long enough, but this is just the start. Tuesday’s just the same as Monday without the surprising part”.

Saint Monday
Groovy Tuesday
Wednesday Evening Blues
Thursday [Mercy]
Thursday Morning Revival
Dress down Friday
Book of Saturday
Mratschnoje Woskresenje
Seven Day Weekend

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