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Out of all the names that appeared on last year’s cast list, Eddie Vedder had yet to be seen in or around Twin Peaks. That all changed on Sunday night as the Pearl Jam frontman finally made an appearance at the Roadhouse.

Introduced by his birthname, aka Edward Louis Severson, the singer-songwriter sported a fedora and slunk behind an acoustic guitar, where he performed his new song, “Out of Sand”. The song originally made its live debut last year at the Ohana Festival.

“Now it’s gone, gone/ And I am who I am/Who I was I will never be again/ Running out of sand,” he sings in the chorus, words that fit right at home in an episode full of doppelgängers and epic returns. Watch video of Vedder’s performance up above, and hear a full live recording below.

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It should be noted, however, that Vedder did not headline the Roadhouse. That honor went to the house band who performed Angelo Badalamenti’s “Audrey’s Theme” for one nearby Audrey Horne. Shit got really weird. And fast.

Twin Peaks all comes to an end next Sunday, September 3rd. Stay tuned for our full coverage, in addition to more features leading up to the whole shebang that we’ll be publishing all week.


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