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Electro Hippies – The Peaceville Recordings (1989) CD

Band: Electro Hippies

Album: The Peaceville Recordings

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Label: Peaceville

Release Country: United Kingdom

Record Type: 38 Tracks CD

Formed - St Helens/Wigan, United Kingdom in 1985.
Disbanded - 1989

Short-lived punk band, which was most notable for inclusion of Jeff Walker (Carcass) in its early line-up. Much of their lyrics were focused on animal rights and vegetarianism. They produced a number of records for such labels as Peaceville and Necrosis Records, as well as a number of compilation tracks.

38 Tracks
1 Faith0:39
2 Acid Rain2:53
3 Run Ronald0:40
4 Scum1:05
5 B.P.1:47
6 Unity1:59
7 Terror Eyes2:40
8 So Wicked0:46
9 Profit0:54
10 Freddy's Revenge1:47
11 Mistake0:44
12 Things Of Beauty4:04
13 Protest0:30
14 Gas Joe Pearce0:54
15 Lies1:55
16 Tortured Tears1:31
17 Turkeys0:56
18 D.I.Y. (Not D.R.I.)1:01
19 Suck0:42
20 Deception2:53
21 Could You Look Me In The Eyes1:42
22 Sometimes I'm So Glad2:03
23 At The Edge1:02
24 Reject1:26
25 Escape0:58
26 Mega-Armageddon Death (Part 3) (Part 2) / Mother2:21
27 Faith0:22
28 Unity1:58
29 Sheep1:22
30 City0:55
31 Acid Rain2:52
32 Run Ronald0:31
33 Chickens0:41
34 So Wicked0:51
35 Profit1:19
36 Meltdown1:57
37 Mega-Armageddon Death / Mega-Armageddon Death (Extended Version)0:25
38 Silver Machine3:47

Standard jewel case
Comes with a4-page booklet

Made in France by MPO
Manufactured in England

Tracks 1-20 previously available as “The Only Good Punk... Is A Dead One“ LP.
Tracks 21-22 previously available as tracks on “Hiatus“ sampler.
Tracks 23-26 previously available as tracks on “A Vile Peace“ sampler.
Tracks 26-38 previously available as “Live“ LP.

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