Euclid C Finder – Euclid C Finder! EP PREMIERE

Here’s one that’ll dent some skulls. Euclid C Finder is a one-man Baltimore, Maryland-based mathcore/grindcore project created by Mike Mehl (who was also in Egarra, Kiss The Sky Goodbye, and Neck First). It began earlier this year with the release of his debut EP, A Standard Basis For The Set Of All Discontent, which is now being followed up with this new 6-song EP (titled Euclid C Finder!). This thing is a blissfully chaotic blend of extreme music influences, with throat-shredding vocals, dissonant guitars that sound more like alarms, and rhythms so off-kilter they could cause cardiac arrest with their irregular beats. Fans of bands like Graf Orlock, .Gif From God, Daughters, and Fear Before will particularly get into this.

I’m super happy to share with you this latest EP, which you can stream in its entirety now. Its official release date is slated for October 8th, with tapes available through both the band and Zegema Beach Records. The self-titled EP is on the A-Side, while their debut EP takes up the B-Side, making for twice the gut-punch experience. Check all of that out down below.

1. If You Pray You Get Your Way
2. If You Hope The Answer’s Nope
3. A Rumination On Empty Years
4. Dr. Cloudshouter’s Secret Weapon
5. Aesthetic Distance
6. Dead Soundboy

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Euclid C Finder

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