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Father John Misty may be “pretty much done” with the follow-up to this year’s Pure Comedy, but he’s still out there promoting his latest opus. Last night saw him stopping by Late Night with Seth Meyers, and in a rare treat, he served as an interview guest as well as musical performer.

The man aka Josh Tillman first sat down with Meyers to discuss his stage name, a moniker he said was rather insignificant and he could have just as well been Dr. Fun. He also revealed he’ll use his given name for the credits of his first film appearance, where he plays a “future bank robber” who “gets his head blown off within like, 30 seconds of the film.” He said he stars alongside Sterling K. Brown and Brian Tyree Henry, meaning he’s likely talking about writer/director Drew Pearce’s forthcoming Hotel Artemis with Jodie Foster, Charlie Day, Jeff Goldblum, Jenny Slate, and many more.

Later, after explaining why Pure Comedy didn’t end up a musical as originally envisioned, Tillman performed the album track “Things It Would Have Been Helpful to Know Before the Revolution”. Bathed in blue light and backed by a full string and brass section, he delivered a sturdy rendition of the song — that is until that frantic bridge when the lights switched to red and both Misty and the band lost their cool.

Check out the performance above, with clips from the interview available below.

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