Fury are a five-piece hardcore punk band from Orange County, California that formed in 2014. Their sound is pretty clearly rooted in early youth crew hardcore, such as Youth Of Today. Their songs are straight up, aggressive, and to the point (as their name would suggest), with the positive outlook gang chant vocals to top it all off. Fury do an excellent job of preserving the raw power of this sound, while still giving it a refreshing new energy, and not just rehashing old tropes. Their debut LP, Paramount, came out last year on Triple B Records, which really pushed this band to a whole new level. While they were an excellent hardcore band before, this album takes the sound of hardcore punk and pushes it to its full extent, in a forward-thinking way, like a band such as Turning Point did. It’s made a ton of waves, and it rightfully should. Unfortunately I’m a little late to the punch in posting this, but it’s definitely one of the most noteworthy hardcore releases in recent years. Enjoy.

1. The Fury
2. Ricochet
3. Day Today
4. Big Man
5. Play (BAB)
6. The Fool
1. Royalty
2. Reality Check
3. Holy
4. End Is Nigh (It’s Time)
5. Kingdom Come
1. End Is Nigh (It’s Time)
2. Day Today
3. Royalty
4. Reality Check
5. The Fury
1. Duality Of Man
2. Thin Line
3. No Choice

1. Danse
2. Thin Line
3. Novo
4. Damage Is Done
5. In Extremis
6. The Fury
7. Death Yellows Life And Reason
8. Leviathan
9. Duality of Man
10. The Feeling
1. America
2. Lost In The Funhouse
3. Buried (Ability)
Note: All profits go to Planned Parenthood, didn’t include download link

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