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This one has been a long-time coming, and a huge weight off my chest to finally get posted here. I mean this in the best and happiest of terms, because this band has been so highly requested and put out so much incredible material. It just took my lazy ass a few years to get around to doing it, haha. I’m talking of course about Gillian Carter, a three-piece screamo band from Palm Bay, Florida that formed in 2005. They play an emotionally intensive style of screamo that blends an array of other sounds, including post-rock, melodic hardcore, emo, post-hardcore, and and even acoustic elements in the mix.

They’re a band that really does strive to craft its own path, with every track offering up something new. This makes for their two most recent full-lengths, Lost Ships Sinking With The Sunset and Dreams Of Suffocation being absolute landmark albums. For a loose band comparison, just to get an idea of sound, think Envy, State Faults, and early Pianos Become The Teeth. They’ve been fairly prolific over the years (well, relatively for a genre where more than one full-length could be considered “prolific”), with a handful of releases over the years. Essentials would be the two aforementioned albums, as well as their recent splits with Eyelet and Coma Regalia. Even then, they’ve been quite consistent for a band that has been kicking around as long as they have. Super happy to finally share this incredible band with ya, enjoy.

1. When The Music Stopped demo
2. Unspoken Words Demo
3. Dancing Under The Starts split with mayans version
4. Chapter 1 demo
5. The Storm Demo
6. The Conversation Demo
7. The Letter And The Response demo
8. The Epilogue (Of Things Unsung) demo
9. The Calm Demo
10. The Flood demo
11. Intermission
12. Between Space And Time self done album demo version with hade
13. The Calm That Didnt Come
14. The 14 Minute Goodbye
15. Welcome To That Special Place
16. Between Space And Time original demo with hade
17. The Faces You Once Remembered Now Have A Name
18. Spring Song
19. Gillian Carter
20. Kool Song (guitar And Drums – First Song Ever).
21. Omg (original Space And Time)
22. Between Space And Time alt. version
23. 14 Minute Goodbye alt. version

1. Chapter 1 
2. The Storm
3. The Conversation
4. The Letter And The Response
5. The Epilogue
6. The Calm
7. The Flood
8. (untitled)
9. Between Space And Time
10. Thank-You For The Memories
Note: 2017 Mastered version here
1. Intro
2. The Same Landmarks That Used To Miss Us
3. Memoirs
4. Having Lost…
5. Drowning Alone
6. The Same Misconceptions (past & present)
7. Dialogue
8. Interlude
9. March 17, 2007
10. Thoughts-Conversations
11. Bittersweet News
12. Realizations
13. Coming Along
1. Gillian Carter – Early Retirements
2. Gillian Carter – No Comment
3. Gillian Carter – Instrumental
4. Gillian Carter – Graduating With Honors
5. Gillian Carter – I’ve Been Forgotten And So Have You
6. Ghost Aviary – Chelsea
7. Ghost Aviary – Anya Did Coke For Like A Week
8. Ghost Aviary – Eat Your Cake, Panda; It’s Gonna Be A Long Night 
9. Ghost Aviary – Ghosts Scare The Shit Out Of Me
10. Ghost Aviary – Math Event
1. Henrietta – A Spectrum
2. Henrietta – Blood Wool
3. Gillian Carter – Always
4. Gillian Carter – Remembering
5. Gillian Carter – Decisions
6. Echo Base – Launchies
7. Echo Base – Mike Bibby
1. Recently…
2. Dissertation #1 (Trapped)
3. Thesis Statement
4. Waking Up (Lost Ships)
5. Time (All That Is Left Is Fading)
6. I’ve Been Forgotten & So Have You
7. Sinking With The Sunset
8. Spring Song
1. I Went Down With The Ship (To Save My Family)
2. When The Music Stopped 2012
3. The Storm (The w/o Alan Version)
4. The Letter & The Response a.k.a The Blaq Metal Song (Version for 2012)
5. The Calm (2012 Version)
6. The Flood (2012 Version)
7. Vocal Warm Ups For 2012
8. Some Days…

1. Another Blank Page

1. Lament
2. Remembering Her The Way She Was (Alive)
3. Sparks To The Sky
4. Fragments Of A Eulogy
5. (Fuck Everything) One Day I’ll Die
6. This Title Means Nothing
7. Rotting
8. Despondency
9. Rest In Peace 2012’s Interlude
10. Discouragement (Better Luck Next Year)

1. Gillian Carter – The Novelty of Joy
2. Coma Regalia – The King Of Slings
1. Gillian Carter – Despair
2. Gillian Carter – Anguish
3. Eyelet – Famine
4. Eyelet – Cowardice

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