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Gluecifer – Ridin’ The Tiger (1997) CD Album

Band: Gluecifer

Album: Ridin' The Tiger

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hard Rock

Label: White Jazz Records

Release Country: Sweden

Record Type: 11 Tracks CD Album

Rock band from Oslo, Norway, founded in 1994, disbanded in 2005. Reformed in 2017 for a series of shows.

Current Line Up:
Biff Malibu, Captain Poon, Raldo Useless, Danny Young, Peter Larsson

Final line-up:
Biff Malibu (Frithjof Jacobsen) – Vocals (1994–2005)
Captain Poon (Arne Christian Skagen) – Guitar, backing vocals (1994–2005)
Raldo Useless (Rolf Yngve Uggen) – Guitar, backing vocals (1996–2005)
Stu Manx (Stig Atle Amundsen) – Bass, backing vocals (2000–2005)
Danny Young – Drums, percussion (1997–2005)

Former members :
Jon Average (Jon Hernes) - Bass, backing vocals (1994-1999)
Eros Bagfire (Anders Møller) - Drums (1994-1997)
Kåre Joao (Kåre Erik Pedersen) - Guitar (1995-1996)
Sinduru Khan (Sindre Wexelsen Goksøyr) - Guitar (1995-1996)


11 Tracks
1 Leather Chair3:13
2 Rock'n'Roll Asshole2:58
3 Bounced Checks4:32
4 The Evil Matcher2:48
5 Rockthrone3:11
6 Burnin' White2:45
7 Titanium Sunset4:58
8 We're Out Loud2:43
9 Obi Damned Kenobi4:04
10 Under My Hood3:44
11 Prime Mover2:54

Ridin' The Tiger was recorded at Sunlight studios in Jan/Feb-1997. Mastered at Cutting Room, Stockholm.

Track 4 is listed as 'Evil Matcher' on the back cover and 'The Evil Matcher' on the CD print.

Track 11 is unlisted on the back cover. It is (erronously) listed as 'Primeover' on the CD print.

Rated 4.5/5 based on 174 customer reviews

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