God Is My Co-Pilot – Gender Is As Gender Does (1992) Vinyl 7″ EP

Band: God Is My Co-Pilot

Album: Gender Is As Gender Does

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Art Rock Avantgarde

Label: Funky Mushroom Records

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 4 Tracks Vinyl 7" EP

God is My Co-Pilot (Godco, for short) is a band from New York that consists of Craig Flanagin and Sharon Topper along with a vast multitude of other musicians. The band ran its own label, The Making Of Americans. For the Australian band of the same name, please use God Is My Co-Pilot (2) According to the band's own website, other releases include: Refused Medical Attention 7"EP (Making of Americans, 1991), Ykt Flot! 7” (1993).


4 Tracks
A1 Handsome Molly1:07
A2 I Hate Girls1:59
B1 Sun, Wind2:10
B2 Submissive0:45

Issued on transparent yellow vinyl. Comes with folded 14"x7" insert sleeve, and second 7"x7" inner insert with credits.
(c) (p) 1992 God is my co-pilot
Pressed by derived from runouts
There are two different kissing sleeves, one male, one female.

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