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God Is My Co-Pilot – Sex Is For Making Babies (2020) CD Album

Band: God Is My Co-Pilot

Album: Sex Is For Making Babies

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Art Rock Experimental

Label: Les Disques Du Soleil Et De L'Acier

Release Country: France

Record Type: 24 Tracks CD Album

God is My Co-Pilot (Godco, for short) is a band from New York that consists of Craig Flanagin and Sharon Topper along with a vast multitude of other musicians. The band ran its own label, The Making Of Americans.

For the Australian band of the same name, please use God Is My Co-Pilot (2)

According to the band's own website, other releases include:
Refused Medical Attention 7"EP (Making of Americans, 1991),
Ykt Flot! 7” (1993).

24 Tracks
1 Tombstone2:32
2 Runt Hunt1:57
3 A Fly1:03
4 In The Forest2:01
5 Tsiftatelli5:15
6 Interrogation2:35
7 Sex Is For Making Babies1:50
8 What A Goddess2:32
9 High Plains1:46
10 Wetting The Bed0:41
11 Blue Yodel #213:29
12 (Fly) Tanja0:52
13 Be Nice To Yr Parents3:16
14 MΓ©chant3:23
15 Work Is Love2:21
16 Runt2:00
17 Start3:19
18 About How I Hate The Boys0:25
19 Then Phat2:47
20 Kantele3:10
21 Imaginary Friend1:42
22 Sissy Dog1:53
23 Little Red Moon1:27
24 Fat Children1:19

(c) 1994.
Ethnic american field recordings series INDIGENOUS MUSIC OF LOISAIDA VOL.1 : G-D IS MY CO-PILOT "About How I Hate The Boys" (Sex Is For Making Babies).

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