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Graduating Life

Graduating Life are an emo/indie/punk band Fresno, California. They consist primarily of Bart Starr (vocals/guitar) and drummer Logan Jensen, along with numerous other collaborators. They’re a Counter Inuitive Records band, thus are one of the most notable acts in the modern emo scene, along with other notable bands like Prince Daddy & The Hyena and Mom Jeans. (who Bart is also a part of). If you’re familiar with those bands, you might have a slight idea as to how Graduating Life sound. It’s upbeat, energetic music, with vocals singing poppy melodies with a gruff voice, and lyrically detailing the abyss of sadness while rocking the fuck out on the surface. I don’t know how to describe it, most people are probably familiar with this band anyway (because they get requested to death). If you’re new though, both their full-lengths (particularly their most recent one, Grad Life) are solid front-to-back. Enjoy.

1. R
2. A
3. D
1. Late Bloomer
2. Death & Taxes
3. It’s 420 Degrees Outside
4. Lamow, Get Out Of Town
5. Yobart
1. John gets roasted
2. that’s hella real, dude
1. Graduating Life – Metallica Rules
2. Graduating Life – Mom Jeans Sucks (But Austin Drives A Fast Car Tho)
3. Mom Jeans. – Heck You Bart Pt. II: Electric Boogaloo
4. Mom Jeans. – Shred Cruz

1. An Introduction
2. Check Out That Band Save Face
3. Arkadelphia
5. World Famous Rock Song
6. Kill Me
7. Cold Raviolis
8. Die! Murder! Die!
9. I Can’t Sleep
10. Front Row Seats
11. To The End
1. There’s Only One Way
2. Family Reunion
3. Carry A White Flag
4. It’s Second Year
5. Don’t Have Kids
6. Watch You Die!!!
7. Stinky Man
8. Victory Song
9. Your Town Is A Time Capsule
10. Finale

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