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Band Name: Grossmember

Music Album: Blind Mass Consumption

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Grindcore

Record Label: Extreme Terror Production

Album Release Country: Poland

Music Record Type: 36 Tracks Cassette

Polish grindcore band. They stopped to play after the death of their vocalist Jerzy.

36 Tracks
A1 No Escape
A2 Anal Holocaust
A3 The Fix
A4 Mask Of Hypocrisy
A5 Our Culture
A6 More Gore
A7 American Dream
A8 End Of Capitalism
A9 Music Never
A10 Criminal Way
A11 Kill The Police Bastards
A12 Gut
A13 Dead Infection
A14 Sweet Part 1
A15 Cosmic Paradox
A16 After Conflict
A17 No Gods No Masters
A18 Jesusuck
B1 Another Incident
B2 Sweet Part 2
B3 Like Actor
B4 Kurva Sistema
B5 Moral Cabal
B6 Mass-Media
B7 N.A.T.O.
B8 Burn The White Hause
B9 Anarchophobia
B10 Your Enemy
B11 Fuck Metal Mafia
B12 Totalwar
B13 Neverending Protest
B14 Oral Nihilism
B15 Girls
B16 Zero Ego
B17 You Are Next
B18 Last Point

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