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Band Name: Guitar Wolf

Music Album: Loverock

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Rock & Roll Rockabilly Garage Rock

Record Label: Narnack Records

Album Release Country: United States

Music Record Type: 17 Tracks CD Album

Japanese garage trash rock'n'roll band from Tokyo formed in 1987.

Guitar Wolf alias Seiji - vocals and guitar
Drum Wolf alias Toru - drums
Bass Wolf alias Gotz - bass [from 2018]
Bass Wolf alias U.G - bass [2005 to 2017]
Bass Wolf alias Billy - bass [till 2005]
Drum Wolf alias Narita - drums [1987]

17 Tracks
1 Loverock3:12
2 Demon Card4:21
3 Jet131:26
4 Violent Letter2:21
5 Shinkansen High Tension3:44
6 Universe Youth2:52
7 Midnite Blood Pump2:24
8 Moonlight Boy3:15
9 Ultra Might Nite2:41
10 Black Hawk2:17
11 Katsumiya Tobacco City4:07
12 Fire Joe3:08
13 Blood Splashed Sky1:32
14 Time Machine Of Tears3:16
15 Only That Girl1:29
16 SF Tokyo3:08
17 Black Rock'N'Roll2:55

Guitar Wolf are
Seiji (Guitarwolf) Billy (Basswolf) Toru (Drumwolf)

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