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Gummo – Piqueur Acts (2020) CD Album

Band: Gummo

Album: Piqueur Acts

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Experimental No Wave Noise Thrash

Label: Bodensatz

Release Country: Germany

Record Type: 54 Tracks CD Album

54 Tracks
1 Intro0:41
2 Psycho Haiku0:22
3 Don't Call Me Hysterical0:28
4 The Ku Klux Klowns0:40
5 Porno Sitcom0:46
6 Suck My Dick, Steven Soderbergh0:48
7 Semantics And Politics1:00
8 Meaning Of Redundant1:50
9 Academy Award For Biggest Asshole In A Leading Role0:37
10 Another Dream Shattered At The Rocks Of Reality0:20
11 Thank You0:33
12 The End Is Near0:30
13 Trust Is A Luxury I'm Too Schizophrenic To Afford0:27
14 I Don't Have The 6th Sense0:46
15 Kissing And Whistling In Public Should Be Prohibited0:20
16 Thinging With A Lithp0:37
17 Honesty Is A Dish Best Eaten By Hulimics0:53
18 To All The People Who Juggle, Make Yoga Or Are Performance Artists0:30
19 I'm Not Shy I Just Hate You0:48
20 Song To Piss Off The Anarchists0:53
21 What's A Nice Girl Like You Doin In An Anal Movie?0:35
22 The I Don't Give A Fuck About Your Problems Song0:52
23 If This Is A Place Of Love I Rather Be Somewhere Else0:30
24 A Dick Did0:25
25 Occasionally Tough People0:38
26 Sick Sick Sick - The Plumber And The Feast0:31
27 My Faith In The World Is Gone0:42
28 Holiday In Cambodia0:28
29 The Girls Formerly Known As My Girlfriends0:31
30 Dadaist Pep-Talk0:31
31 This Is Not Your Child, This Is Your Powertrip!0:31
32 Club Anorexic0:26
33 Coming Out Of A Moron0:45
34 What's That Lesbian Doin' In My Pirate Movie?0:31
35 Policemen Are Our Friends0:26
36 This Joke Is On You0:40
37 The Facts, The Self-Reflection And The Conclusion0:30
38 Sponsored Epileptic Fit0:37
39 Manson Family Values0:42
40 To All The Bosses I Ever Had0:47
41 Here's A Spoiler For You0:28
42 20 Seconds In The Life Of A Vegan0:24
43 I Learned The Alphabet The Hard Way0:31
44 Hey Freak, Stop Calling Me Pastries0:39
45 Buffy Overdose0:48
46 Darling, I'm Pregnant0:30
47 Embracing The Culture Of Insincerity0:45
48 A Man's Sympathy Anthem0:43
49 Jazz Chamber0:18
50 I Woke Up Early The Day I Died0:19
51 How Much Wood Would Woodchuck Chuck?0:36
52 Die! Your Hair0:28
53 Whoever Listens To This Is A Jerk1:26
54 Piqueur Acts3:44

This is the second CD of the two debut releases of Gummo from Munich. The concept of this record differs from "The Gruesome Twosome". "Piqueur Acts" consists of very short improvised tracks.

Some tracks feature Steffie Wolf (Ähnliche Künstler) on Vocals

Rated 4.5/5 based on 213 customer reviews

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