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Mischief Brew

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Guns Up!

Guns Up! are a four-piece straight edge hardcore band from Merrimack Valley, Massachusetts that began in 2002 and broke up in 2007. They began playing shows again in either 2009. They play a gritty, bottom-heavy, gang-chant lead brand of hardcore that fans of Champion, Down to Nothing, and Have Heart will undoubtedly love. They put out two LP’s in their time, as well as a 7″ titled Game Over which I can’t seem to find. Their members are currently active in other bands, most notably Rained In. Not much else to say, this is just kick-ass mid-2000’s Massachusetts hardcore at its finest. Can’t go wrong. Enjoy.

1. Face It
2. F.Y.S.
3. Rules Of Life
4. …It’s All About
5. More Than You
6. Out Of My Hands

1. Least Of My Worries
2. How It’s Done
3. All In
4. Foolin’ Who
5. On Your Way Out
6. No Shelter
7. Face It
8. FYS
9. More Than You

1. Outlive
2. You Break
3. Won’t Change For Me
4. Life’s Ill
5. Test My Will
6. Frozen
7. Spitting Words
8. Losing Sight
9. Face It
10. (A Means)
11. To An End

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Mischief Brew - Freeradical radio fever

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