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Heart On My Sleeve

Heart On My Sleeve are a five-piece screamo band from Stockholm, Sweden that have been around since 2010. They were formed by former members of another fantastic band, The Hope And The Failure. Heart On My Sleeve play emotionally impassioned music that features some tortured vocals and heavy post-rock influence in the instrumentals. In particular, their last LP In The Midst of Hope and Nothingness is definitely recommended, both for its concept and incredible music. This is definitely recommended for fans of more melodic screamo. Enjoy.

1. Control Alt Delete
2. Heart On Her Sleeve
3. Blood And Wine
4. Linguistic Cure
1. Heart On My Sleeve – Assassin Limp-wristed and Shy
2. Heart On My Sleeve – Carry On Carry Me
3. состояние птиц – IX
4. состояние птиц – X
5. состояние птиц – XI
1. Forever Summer
2. Today Is The Day
3. Bitter Verses
4. Without Scaffolding

1. Cavalcades – Distort
2. Cavalcades – Morning Eyes
3. Coma Regalia – What It Costs
4. Coma Regalia – What It’s Worth
5. Heart On My Sleeve – A Fabrication Of Life
6. Heart On My Sleeve – Petticoat In Ashes

1. Totem Skin – Along The Lines Of Nature
2. Totem Skin – Totem Skin – To Live Is To Be Hunted
3. Heart On My Sleeve – For That Feeling That Never Came
1. This Failure Is Not On Me
2. So I Ran With Scissors
3. Vicious Circles
4. What Doesn’t Kill You (Will Damage You)
5. He Wishes For The Cloths Of Heaven
6. A Tale Of Two Hearts
7. In The Beauty Of It All
8. Home Is Where The Hurt Is
9. I Hate It When You’re Here, But I Miss You When You’re Gone

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Choking Victim - Squattas paradise

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