HED – Tales Of The Lost Turnip – A Rock Opera In A-Minor (2020) Cassette Album

Band: HED

Album: Tales Of The Lost Turnip - A Rock Opera In A-Minor

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Label: TPOS

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 21 Tracks Cassette Album


21 Tracks
A1 So Frozen
A2 Gimme That Soda
A3 Her Fix
A4 Master Cylinder
A5 Reach For The Sun
A6 Balad Of Turnip And Sea Urchin
A7 Everyone Has A Heart That Bleeds
A8 Turnip, Reflects On Lizards
A9 Down & Out
A10 For A Few Dollars
A11 Praises Of Friends & Animals
B1 Rock & Roll
B2 Not Today
B3 James Brown Gang (Turnip Finds His Roots)
B4 Churchgoers
B5 One By One
B6 Electric Koolaide Turnip Test
B7 Katie Came Softly
B8 Mutant Salad
B9 Exile Son
B10 Down The Road (Big, Big, Big)

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