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Download Heideroosjes – Choice For A Lost Generation?! (1994) CD Album Repress Megaupload

Information about this music album download:

Band Name: Heideroosjes

Music Album: Choice For A Lost Generation?!

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Record Label: Fairytale Records (2)

Album Release Country: Netherlands

Music Record Type: 15 Tracks CD Album Repress

Dutch & English language punk rock band from Horst (Limburg, Netherlands).
Formed in 1989. Disbanded 2012.

Band members:
Fred Houben (bass guitar)
Igor Hobus (drums)
Frank Kleuskens (guitar)
Marco Roelofs (vocals)


15 Tracks
1 Listen To The Pope3:03
2 Not Mad (Fucking Angry!)2:41
3 Suicide3:22
4 The Granny Got 'm Drunk3:48
5 Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden2:10
6 Can't Find My Brains2:18
7 Winter Wonderland3:08
8 My Name Is Jesus3:17
9 Tering Tyfus Takketrut1:28
10 Mom And Dad Created A Monster2:40
11 Don't Know Where To Go2:40
12 Igor Slaat Nergens Op!0:11
13 Why Am I?2:10
14 Da Doo Ron Ron2:05
15 I Am, You Are3:52

Recorded and mixed in August 1994 at Beaufort Studio (Bovenkarspel, Netherlands).

Contains the first single ever released by De Heideroosjes: "Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden".

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