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Heideroosjes – It’s A Life … (12,5 Years Live!) (2020) CD Album

Band: Heideroosjes

Album: It's A Life ... (12,5 Years Live!)

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Label: Epitaph

Release Country: Europe

Record Type: 19 Tracks CD Album

Dutch & English language punk rock band from Horst (Limburg, Netherlands).
Formed in 1989. Disbanded 2012.

Band members:
Fred Houben (bass guitar)
Igor Hobus (drums)
Frank Kleuskens (guitar)
Marco Roelofs (vocals)

19 Tracks
1 Who's There For Me2:31
2 Break The Public Peace3:02
3 Nothing's Wrong ...2:27
4 Fistfuckparty At 7013:50
5 Fistful Of Ideals2:18
6 Watch Me Play2:27
7 Ik Wil Niks!2:33
8 Time Is Ticking Away3:20
9 I'm Not Deaf, I'm Just Ignoring You!2:28
10 Sjonnie & Anita3:26
11 Punica (With Drunken Guest-Singer)3:06
12 Billy Broke A Bottle (Again)3:16
13 Tering Tyfus Takketrut1:31
14 Regular Day In Bosnia5:16
15 Iedereen Is Gek (Marco Fucks Up)1:21
16 Iedereen Is Gek (Behalve Jij)3:05
17 Everybody Loves Me2:58
18 Klapvee!3:27
19 United Scum7:30

This album is recored live in 2001. It's a selection of recordings made at the festivals Pukkelpop (Belgium), Lowlands (NL) and indoor-shows in Groningen (NL) and Eindhoven (NL). Pukkelpop was recorded with kind help from Studio Brussel. Lowlands was recorded with kind help from NOB/Radio 3FM. The shows in Eindhoven & Groningen were recorded by Ha-El Engineering Roggel. This album is mixed in February 2002 at RS 29 Studio Waalwijk (NL).

All songs published by Klapvee Music, administrated by Pennies From Heaven (NL). All rights reserved by Epitaph Europe 2002. This album is released in a limited edition to celebrate 12,5 years Heideroosjes. Artwork for Empower.

β„—&Β© 2002 Epitaph Europe

Manufactured & distributed by Epitaph Europe.

Packaging: Transparent tray jewel case with a 16-pages booklet.

Rated 4.5/5 based on 160 customer reviews

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