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Mike Patton appeared as a special guest on a recent episode of Henry RollinsKCRW radio show. Throughout the two-hour program, the Faith No More rocker helped curate an eclectic playlist featuring George Clinton, Bad Brains, Tom Jones, Chet Baker, Funkadelic, Young Fathers, and Quincy Jones. Patton also chatted with Rollins between songs, discussing his role in new supergroup Dead Cross and Dutch musician Tom Dissevelt, pointing out how David Bowie picked The Electrosoniks: Electronic Music as one of his all-time favorite vinyl records. Additionally, Patton talked about his label, Ipecac Recordings, and how he goes about signing new bands.

Listen to the interview portion up above. Head to KCRW for the full episode.

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Dead Cross are currently on the road touring in support of their recently released debut album, but were forced to cancel their Los Angeles show Monday following a skateboarding accident involving Patton. Despite his injury, they resumed their tour last night.

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