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Heresy – Never Healed E.P. (2020) Flexi-disc 7″ EP

Band: Heresy

Album: Never Healed E.P.

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Label: Earache

Release Country: United Kingdom

Record Type: 6 Tracks Flexi-disc 7" EP

Hailing from a tiny village outside Stoke-on-Trent, UK - Plasmid - as they were originally called - started as a three piece politically-themed fast hardcore punk formed by Reevsy (guitar/vocals) and his 15 year old cousin Steve, on drums.

After one Plasmid demo, they joined up with newly recruited bassist Kalv from Nottingham, playing some local shows under their newly chosen, more "metallic" moniker, Heresy. Many of the early shows were booked by local HC promoter, and later Earache founder, Dig. Influenced by Discharge and the fastest US HC bands like MDC (2), Dirty Rotten Imbeciles and especially Siege (2), Heresy were lucky to have the formidable talents of Steve on drums, though young, he put himself through a punishing daily rehearsal schedule, such that he was arguably the fastest drummer in the world when they entered the local Nottingham no-budget Pavilion Studios just before Xmas 1985 to record the "Never Healed" flexi.

With Reevsy on guitar and vocal duties,and Kalv on bass, the band laid down 6 tracks in barely a day. The flexi was released by Kalv and Dig's DIY jointly funded label (the name "Earache" (...)


6 Tracks
A1 Never Healed2:03
A2 Despair1:13
A3 Deathbiter3:08
B1 Anguish Of War0:57
B2 More Blood Is Shed4:45
B3 Dead0:56

Recorded and mixed on 8-track in 4½ hours @ Pavilion Studios, West Brigford, Nottingham at the total cost of £40.
Printed lyric insert included.
Some copies also included a sticker.
3,000 copies pressed at the total cost of £800.

Made in U.K. Sound For Industry (Kent) Ltd.

"Special thanks to Jack for contribution!!".

World distribution by:
- Raunch, Toxic Shock, Pushead (U.S.A.).
- Sasquatsch (W. Germany).
- Oldies Records (Tokyo, Japan).
- Chicken Brain Records (Sweden).

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