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Great never before released record by this fabulous early Swiss Punk outfit from Lausanne! This superlimited LP was privately released by the band and is limited to just 300 copies only. The first 100 copies came with numbered backcover (of which the first twenty-five copies were signed by the band). HLM Gang were existing from 1978 – 1983. They were one of the few classic early Swiss Punk bands to never release a record. Their lineup was consisting of Paquito (guitar), Nenel (vocals), Zaf (drums, backing vocals), and Ptit Jos (vocals/bass). HLM were sharing the stage with Discolokosst (Geneva), Sub Rescue (Lausanne), The Debils (Biel), Marionetz (Munich/Germany), Baramine (Valais), TNT (Zurich), Technycolor (Geneva), Mother’s Ruin (Zurich), Starshooter (Lyon, France) and and and… as well as with several other classic punk bands. About three years after the breakup of HLM, PTIT JOS and ZAF (a.k.a. CLode) went on to form the fairily well known minimalistic electronic post Punk duo I SCREAM. Finally thirty years after the forming of HLM, we are in for a real treat in form of this historic LP of previously unreleased 1981-1982 tracks by the main Lausanne Punk band from the first two generations. The songs on this album speak for themselves, and are still as important today as they used to be back when they were recorded. Great!!!!!

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