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Music Album: Screams From Belgium

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Grindcore Hardcore

Record Label: Filth-Ear Distribution

Album Release Country: Belgium

Music Record Type: 26 Tracks Vinyl LP

26 Tracks
A1 A-Political Dicks?
A2 Get Out
A3 Damnation
A4 My Name Is Willy
A5 Going Mad
A6 Candid Cameras
A7 About You And Me
A8 Vivisection
A9 Cached Life
A10 Revolution Song
A11 Legalize
A12 Rapist Die
A13 Dissection
A14 Tobback Matrak
A15 Kiekekot
B1 War, It Never Ends
B2 Absolute Punk???
B3 Break The Rules
B4 Hirudo
B5 Stand Up
B6 Fuck The White Rule
B7 Intro / Ode
B8 Waltz
B9 Paranoia
B10 Nothing Changes
B11 M.M.M.

Subtitled: "If You Don't Speak Up, You Won't Be Heard!" Distributed by Filth-Ear Distribution & Qualm Distribution. Includes 16 page black and white booklet.

1000 copies pressed.

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