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HorrorPops – Bring It On! (2020) CD Album

Band: HorrorPops

Album: Bring It On!

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Psychobilly Rockabilly

Label: Hellcat Records

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 13 Tracks CD Album

Pop punk/Rockabilly band from Copenhagen, Denmark which formed in the mid 1990's with members of Peanut Pump Gun and Nekromantix.
Their first album, Hell Yeah, was released in 2004 and the band relocated to Los Angeles, CA by the time of their 2nd album release, Bring it On in 2005.

Members included:
Patricia Day
Kim "Nekroman" Gaarde
Henrik "Niedermeier" Stendahl
Casper "Caz The Clash" Holbek
Karsten Johnasen
Geoff Kresge

13 Tracks
1 Freaks In Uniforms2:45
2 Hit 'N' Run3:34
3 Bring It On!2:17
4 It's Been So Long3:27
5 Undefeated2:52
6 You Vs. Me4:00
7 Crawl Straight Home2:50
8 Trapped3:19
9 Walk Like A Zombie4:07
10 Where You Can't Follow3:05
11 Caught In A Blond2:58
12 S.O.B.3:25
13 Who's Leading You Now2:50

Recorded at Sound City Studios, Van Nuys.

Mastered at Precision Mastering, Hollywood.

Β©2005 by HorrorPops publishing (ascap)

administered by wixen music publishing, inc. (ascap)

Packaged in a triple gatefold digipak. Contains booklet with credits, thank yous and lyrics. CD is designed to look like a 45 record pressed on red vinyl.

Rated 4.5/5 based on 168 customer reviews

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