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I Love Your Lifestyle

I Love Your Lifestyle are a five-piece emo/indie/punk band from Malmö and Gothenburg, Sweden that formed in 2012. They play an excellent blend of up-beat punk mixed in with the bright, twinkly/noodley guitar sound of midwestern emo, with some catchy as hell Cap’n Jazz vocals. Basically, they’re Algernon Cadwallader reincarnated. We Go Way Back is one of the best emo records to come out in the past few years, and their new 2-song EP is just as good. I can’t recommend this band enough for fans of Kinsella-inspired midwestern emo. Enjoy.

1. Spider Monkey
2. Cristoffer Robin
3. Poetry Issues
4. Dynamites & Catfights
5. Happy Lacuna
6. Long Time No Bruce

1. Prank
2. Zitch Dog
3. I Was A Loser In School
1. Nice Jacket. Not
2. My Yard
3. Jazz Nights
4. Common Sense
5. Oh, Twisted Me
6. Overall Adderall
7. Testimonial Deadline
8. Routine
9. Brain Freeze
10. No Time For Major Fuck Ups
11. Birds of Paradise
12. Dirty Shades
13. Roda Mossan
14. Summer 03

1. Touch
2. Fire

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