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Download Iggy Pop – Heroin Hates You (1979) CD Megaupload

Information about this music album download:

Band Name: Iggy Pop

Music Album: Heroin Hates You

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Garage Rock

Record Label: Other Peoples Music

Album Release Country: Canada

Music Record Type: 14 Tracks CD

American singer, songwriter, musician and actor, born 21 April 1947 in Muskegon, Michigan, USA. Founding member of The Stooges.

14 Tracks
1 Real Cool Time
2 Knocking 'Em Down
3 Take Care Of Me
4 Dog Food
5 You Really Got Me
6 New Values
7 T.V. Eye
8 Play It Safe
9 Funtime
10 I Wanna Be Your Dog
11 One For My Baby
12 China Girl
13 5 Foot 1
14 No Fun

℗© 1997 Other Peoples Music

From the liner notes: "Historic recordings live from the Stardust Ballroom, Los Angeles 1979. Restored and remastered by Peter J. Moore from original vinyl 1997 for the PuNk HolE oF FaME series."

Booklet credits:
Producer: Unknown
Engineer: Unknown

Recording Date: Nov. 30th, 1979
Recording location: Stardust Ballroom, Los Angeles, C.A.
Original broadcast: LIVE on KROQ, Pasadena, CA.
Originally Released: On KICK NOW records Dec. 1979

Photographs: RICK DAVIES, taken Nov. 12th, '79 Danforth Music Hall, Toronto, Canada
Layout & Design : Martin & Brenda Hayden

Back cover inlay says Made In Canada, disc: MADE IN USA

Tracks 1, 7, 10, 14 - Stooge Staffel, BMI ; Tracks 2, 4, 13 - James Osterberg Music, BMI ; Tracks 8, 9, 12 - James Osterberg Music, BMI - EMI Blackwood Screen Gems.

Track 3) James Osterberg Music, Warner Brothers Inc ; 5) Ed Kassner Music Co. Ltd PRS, Jay Boy Music Corp. BMI ;
6) James Osterberg Music, Neurp Songs, BMI ; 11) Harwin Music. ASCAP

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