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I have had conversations with Kev over the decades about punk, music, politics, society, Carlisle, UK… etc. As he is a few years older than me I have often thought he has had a different perspective on music and punk in the UK and Carlisle; as I would have to someone who was 3 years younger than me, back in the 80s. When you are young a few years make all the difference.

I have not agreed with him all of the time, but we have discussed a lot of what is here in this interview. He has kept a close eye on the UK music scene, from before punk to long after it, and he is still enjoying music locally and nationally today. Recently he started playing guitar and making the first steps in creating a music/rehearsal space in Carlisle.

This interview is not so much a talk from a musician’s perspective, but as a background to punk in Carlisle; and about an area of Carlisle that produced many punks that I knew, after I had left school.

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