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MirceONE mptyzine: Hey Vlad, nice to have this interview, how are things?

Vlad Scandal: Hi Mircea ,all good thanks

I know that Scandal finished the tour in Romania, tell us a few things

Indeed ,”Payback Days Tour” was a five days tour in Romania and it was great  . We shared the van  and the stage with an amazing thrash metal band from Costa-Rica called Heresy and  B.K.S.  a crazy HC-Punk band from London joined us for the last two shows  in Brasov and Bucharest. The crowd was crazy at all 5 shows , a good mix of punks, skins , hc kids  and thrashers ..just brilliant.

Now the holiday seasson is on and everybody is talking about Christmas songs, if you will pick one song to do a cover what will be?

Ha ha ..I guess it will be “Santa Stole my Whiskey” by Jonny Manak

We talk some time ago about your top 10, something new? Can you please write down your favorite ones?

“Crim” from Spain …the new album ..amazing band ,amazing album with  and amazing graphics . From the UK I’ll go for Millie Manders and The Shutup , I have the feeling that they will go very big in the ska-Punk scene with their latest EP. So many other good new albums this just too hard to mention all of them.

I know that in 2019 you will play at two festivals, can you give us more details?

Actually , so far we are booked for three festivals in 2019.First one will be Undercover Festival , 26/27/28 April at The Dome in London . This is the second time we are doing this fest , and we are looking forward for it as it has a really good lineup , a good venue  and  really nice people . The second and the third festival will be part of our summer tour in Europe , on the 3rd of July we  will play at the “Punk as Fuck “ a punk-hc day part of Obscene Extreme Festival in  Trutnov -Czech Republic , and the next day on the 4th of July we will be at Exit Festival in Novi-Sad-Serbia  ,both of them really fun festivals with so  many cool bands on  the bill. Our summer tour will include some  dates in Germany too, but the plan is to build a 10 or more dates tour in Europe including as many countries we can .

How you see the punk scene in Romania, now that you guys been for the tour here?

I think the punk scene in Romania is rising again.. slowly ..but is there . We had full house shows in most of the cities we have played..talked with many people , new faces and old  and I think it’s getting there. With so many people leaving the country I’ll say that the secret to a solid scene is to unite the scene , punk, hc ,metal , hip-hop..all together underground united scene is the way ! I’ve been  listening  to  some new hcpunk bands like “Anexa Unu “or “FuckYou!Dracu “ bands with a really cool attitude .  Not too much street-punk or oi! though ..but I’m pretty sure that soon we will hear about some new bands in Romania too.

For 2019 you prepare a new material, new video, new stuff?

Yes..2019 another busy year for us. But before 2019 we will release another new single and video called  “Broken Dreams” It’s a punk-rock song with a few  drops of reggae and ska  and the video will contain  footages from our tour in Romania ..pretty cool..we hope it will be ready right before Christmas. A new E.P will be released in spring and  we will announce more details about it soon . We also have loads of shows booked in the UK for the first part of the year  , a mini-tour in Belgium and France in May and as I said before,  the summer tour all over Europe.

How the things are going with the Tattoo studio?

Busy , busy …but luckily I have the weekends off , this way I have time for my other passions , the punk-rock music and  the underground music scene . They are all  part of my life and I’m happy to be able to them all.


How you will describe Scandal message and attitude after all these years?

We are still fucked up haha ..Just kidding ..Obviously the message is quite the same..real life inspired lyrics about us or our close friends, society , system or anti-system , still don’t like the authorities , still don’t like the cops .Most of the lyrics are in English as we live in this  country for a few years now and we are part of the UK society ..and we sing about the problems we have here ,at this time.

Did you think to remaster the old songs from Resturi Din Punkomat to do a best of Scandal?

Yes , we will actually re-record a few old songs in the next year. One of them , a big surprise ,will be on the next EP

Thank you for this short time and please give us a few words for the punkzine and for our few readers.

Thanks a lot for giving us the opportunity to keep the people updated with the Scandalous news . I hope we’ll see  you all in the next year.

Where people can listen to Scandal and where people can find you online?

Our album “On A Roll” is available on all the digital platforms , Spotify , ITunes,Deezer   , on our Bandcamp , and all our official videos and some gig videos are available on our youtube channel . You can find us online on the Scandal-streetpunk facebook page also on our instagram.


Thanks again Vlad, last words again i leave them to you.

Oi! to the world , happy holidays to everyone and keep on troubling but  stay safe !! Thanks a lot Mircea !

MirceONE vs. Vlad – December 2018

photo Scandal by Photobooking. This interview is available as well in our new number COMING UP SOON!.

Thank you all for reading and Merry Punk Christmas!

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