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It Looks Sad.

It Looks Sad. are a two-piece (formerly a 3 and 4 piece) indie rock band from Charlotte, North Carolina that formed in 2012. Originally called It Looks Sad, That’s Why I Said It’s You, they shortened their name in 2013. Thus far they’ve put out two EPs, both with Tiny Engines, and a recent track from their upcoming debut full-length. It Looks Sad. take influence from bands like Modern Baseball and Beach Fossils, featuring melancholic, shouted vocals, spindly arpeggios, and reverb-washed chords that fill a room. Their second EP, Kaiju is a two-track masterpiece, which has garnered them quite a bit of attention. Following that they put out a compilation aptly titled Lost Songs, which showed the band moving in a washed out, lo-fi electronic, whisper-thin vocal direction. The recently released track from their debut, “Light” suggests that this is officially the band’s new sound. It’s still definitely sad, and an LP I’m curiously looking forward to. Enjoy.

1. Seasons
1. Radical
2. Fingers
3. Raccoon
4. Ocean
1. Creature
2. Nagoya

1. Crush
2. Meteor
3. Jack Freeman
4. leaf/crazy2

1. Light

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