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Jejune were a three-piece (later four-piece) emo/indie band that were around from 1996 to 2000. They originally formed in Boston when all its members attended the Berklee College Of Music, but moved to San Diego in 1997. They played an energetic style of emo at the beginning of their career that can be loosely compared to bands like Jawbreaker, Christie Front Drive or early Jimmy Eat World (who they put out a split with). As they progressed, they began to develop a jangly-pop song, featuring clean bright guitars. Into the mid to late stages of their career, they start taking influence from elements of shoegaze, most notably in the heavily distorted guitars and reverberated vocals. They are also known for the interplayed, dual vocals, which had a knack for harmony and some striking melodies. Overall, this band isn’t nearly as well-known as they should be, and definitely stand out among their “emo” contemporaries as being truly unique. Highly. highly recommended. Enjoy.

1. Garden Variety – New Guitar Parts
2. Jejune – Drive By Negly
8. Hialeah
1. Meteorite
2. Greyscale
3. Pablo
4. Stresser
5. Ethan Allen
6. Pablo
7. Radical Firepower
8. Ford
1. Jejune – Early Stars
2. Jejune – That’s Why She Hates Me
3. Jimmy Eat World – What I Would Say To You Now
4. Jimmy Eat World – Speed Read

1. Morale Is Low
2. Coping With Senility (Lowlife Owns A Pen)
3. This Afternoons Malady
4. Fixed On The One
5. Sitcom Epiphany
6. Solar
7. New Clear Saturday
8. Regrets Are Unanswered Dreams
9. Demonica
10. 38 Calumet
11. One Transmission
12. Same To You
1. Jejune – The Boy With The Thorn In His Side (The Smiths cover)
2. Lazycain – Handsome Devil (The Smiths cover)

1. Jejune – Record City Afterworld
2. Dignity For All – Transparency
3. Dignity For All – Short Distance

1. Record City After World
2. The New State
3. Lunatic
4. The Highs And Lows
5. 2000 Miles
6. Heart Of Desire
7. Early Stars
8. Morale Is Low
9. That’s Why She Hates Me
10. Solar
11. Lowlife (Version Remix)
12. Grace (Wizard Glick Is Swimming)

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