JELLO BIAFRA & THE MELVINS – Never Breathe What You Can’t See 2004

Let’s ring the weekend in with America’s second famous postmen (still top Henry Chinaski) Jello Biafra and on his tour he delivered a parcel to the Melvins and this resulted in an excellent collaboration which 2004 friuted in this album. The response was surprisingly sparkling and many were pushing for more and so a year later they decided to release another album called ‘Sieg Howdy!’. There were plenty of reasons for this because a lot of shit was happening in the world at the time and Jello never tired of thinking about it and putting fabulous lines on paper. This led to many people shaking his hand or wanting a picture with him, you can imagine how exhausting that is and he usually often came home late from his tour, so he decided to quit this fucking job and to continue his life as an artist. This shows that everyone has the opportunity to create something creative, you just have to discover and do it, eight examples may help.

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