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Johnny Thunders – Eve Of Destruction (2004) CD DVD

Band: Johnny Thunders

Album: Eve Of Destruction

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Garage Rock Blues Rock

Label: Shakedown Records

Release Country: United Kingdom

Record Type: 47 Tracks CD DVD

Queens, New York-born guitarist, singer, and songwriter (July 15, 1952 - April 23, 1991) who first came to prominence as lead guitarist for the New York Dolls and later with The Heartbreakers (2).

47 Tracks
CD1-1 Pipeline
CD1-2 Blame It On Mom
CD1-3 Personality Crisis
CD1-4 I Can Tell
CD1-5 Dead Or Alive
CD1-6 Can't Keep My Eyes On You
CD1-7 Ain't Superstitious
CD1-8 Medley: Too Much Junkie Business/Pills
CD1-9 You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory
CD1-10 Eve Of Destruction
CD1-11 It's Not Enough
CD1-12 Lonely Planet Boy
CD1-13 The Wizard
CD1-14 Play With Fire
CD1-15 Green Onions
CD1-16 In The Midnight Hour
CD1-17 Sad Vacation
CD1-18 Little Queenie
CD1-19 Born To Lose
CD2-1 Pipeline
CD2-2 London Boys
CD2-3 Too Much Junkie Business
CD2-4 Chatterbox
CD2-5 All By Myself
CD2-6 Let Go
CD2-7 So Alone
CD2-8 Do You Love Me
CD2-9 Get Off The Phone
CD2-10 Chinese Rocks
CD2-11 As Tears Go By
CD2-12 Joey Joey
CD2-13 Society Makes Me Sad
CD2-14 Disappointed In You
CD2-15 Eve Of Destruction
CD2-16 I'd Rather Be With The Boys
CD2-17 Ask Me No Questions
CD2-18 Fool Killer
CD2-19 It's Not Enough
CD2-20 I Only Wrote This Song For You
CD2-21 Lonely Planet Boy
CD2-22 So Alone
CD2-23 Somehearts (Birdsong)
CD2-24 It's Not What You Say
DVD-1 Sad Vacation
DVD-2 Too Much Junkie Business
DVD-3 Personality Crisis
DVD-4 Born To Lose

Boxed with a booklet and Shakedown/Secret Records mail order postcard.

CD1: Recorded 4 January 1987, Roxy Theatre, Los Angeles

CD2-1-10: Recorded 21 December 1980, The Silverbird, Detroit

CD2-11-24: Acoustic set recorded 8 April 1991, Osaka, Japan

DVD: Filmed in Osaka, Japan 3rd April 1991 (NTSC, Region 0)

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