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June of 44

June of 44 were a four-piece post-hardcore/math rock band from Louisville, Kentucky that began in 1994 and disbanded in 1999. They played a few reunion shows earlier this year (2018). They came together as a supergroup of sorts, since every band member has been active with other notable projects. Guitarist/vocalist Sean Meadows was a member of Lungfish, The Sonora Pine, and HiM (not the one you’re thinking of). Guitarist/vocalist Jeff Mueller was in Rodan and Shipping News, while bassist Fred Erskine came from the DC scene, and played in The Crownhate Ruin and Hoover. Drummer Doug Scharin played in Codeine, Rex, and HiM as well.

June of 44 are often compared to Slint, with the winding, dissonant arpeggios, narrative-style spoken vocals, and unorthodox rhythms. When they hit their peaks though, they really hit a high-point, letting out the uninhibited ferocity of a band like Big Black with the instrumentally interlocked mastery of Fugazi. With each new album the band evolved and matured, growing into a more experimental act by incorporating dub and post-rock (especially on the latter halves of their last two albums, which was probably a result of their side project HiM), as well as jazz and emphasized percussive elements. Enjoy.

1. Have A Safe Trip, Dear
2. June Miller
4. Pale Horse Sailor
5. Mindel
6. I Get My Kicks For You
7. Take It With A Grain of Salt
8. Sink Is Busted
1. Anisette
2. Lusitania
3. Lawn Bowler
4. June Leaf
5. Arms Over Arteries
6. Sanctioned In A Birdcage
1. Sharks & Sailors
2. Boom
3. Seemingly Endless Summer
1. Of Information & Belief
2. The Dexterity Of Luck
3. Cut Your Face
4. Doomsday
5. Does Your Heart Beat Slower
6. Lifted Bells
7. Shadow Pugilist
8. Air #17
1. Pregenerate
2. Generate
3. Henry’s Revenge
4. Modern Hereditary Dance Steps
5. Every Free Day For A Good Day
6. Degenerate

1. Southeast Of Boston
2. Dexterity Of Luck

1. Wear Two Eyes (Boom)
2. Escape Of The Levitational Trapeze Artist
3. Cardiac Atlas
4. Equators To Bi-Polar
5. Recorded Syntax
6. Southeast of Boston
7. Five Bucks In My Pocket
8. Peel Away Velleity

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