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Kelly Clarkson Is ‘Nervous’ To Join ‘The Voice’

By Sarah Carroll

It’s hard to believe it’s been 15 years since Kelly Clarkson won the the very first season of American Idol.

Next spring, however, she won’t be the one performing in front a panel of judges. Instead, she will join The Voice as one of the show’s four coaches.

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“I’m a little nervous that I’m not going to pick the best team,” she admitted to McCabe in the SoCal Honda Sound Stage at 97.1 AMP Radio. “What you hear in the room is often very different than what comes through on TV, like directly in the mic you know, because there’s the verb and the feeling and the vibe.”

Clarkson rose to fame thanks to her powerful vocals, but she doesn’t plan to fill her team with singers who sound just like herself.

“I think people think I’m going going to pick just all big voices because that’s the type of singer I am, but I love stylists, I love country singers, I love R&B/pop, I want singer-songwriter stuff. I just want a little bit of everything because I think that’s what makes music so great.”

The mother-of-two isn’t intimidated by veterans Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. In fact, Clarkson thinks she and current coach Jennifer Hudson have a leg up on the competition.

“There’s really no better people to probably take advice or help you because we’ve actually been there.”

“Focus on yourself,” she continued. Focus on what you want to do. Separate yourself from the others. It’s a bit of strategy, you know, to get through a competition. It’s different from making a record.

Watch McCabe’s full interview with Kelly Clarkson below!

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