Kepi Ghoulie and The Copyrights – Re-Animation Festival


Re-Animation Festival is kinda, a re-release of the 1997 Lookout Records Release from The Groovie Ghoulies, but guess what you now get added ‘The Copyrights’ as Jeff (Kepi) Alexander’s fucking awesome backing band ‘Get mother fucking rad’

This is such a killer idea, especially if you dig both bands as much as this rather coffee fueled reviewer does.

Imagine Freddy Krueger, Pinhead, Jason, Michael Myers and the super tall scary dude from the Phantasm movies, all gave up their favorite past time of Killing people and decided to kill time and start a super rad pop punk band, now imagine they all got fucked up on cheap whisky, snorted lines of coke and wrote a record, this updated version of ‘Re-Animation Festival’’ is exactly what these crazy killer fiends would come up with.

‘Kepi Ghoulie & The Copyrights’ sound like Teenage Bottlerocket and the Ramones having a 3 day crack party (That’s a bad-ass thing by the way)

‘Re-Animation Festival’ is just so catchy and will have you singing along till your lungs take a flick knife to your vocal chords, just so they can catch a breath.

As an added bonus Pop Punkers Dog Party sing backing vocals on the record.So that’s like 3 bands for the price of one record; you do the maths.


Re-Animation Festival by Kepi Ghoulie & The Copyrights  is available via the following rad labels

Stardumb Records (EU) Comes on swampy green vinyl!

Including poster.Eccentric Pop Records (USA)  swampy green vinyl!

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