KOSMONAUTENTRAUM – Juri Gagarin 1982

I’m not really a big fan of ZickZack records but the debut of Kosmonautentraum is not bad at all. The band was a music project founded 1980 by the singer Ziggy XY (Michael Jarick) and drummer EKT (then both at Der Moderne Man) in Hannover with a strong closeness to the genial dilletants from Berlin (Die Tödliche Doris, Einstürzende Neubauten, etc.). Kosmonautentraum published mostly on cassettes and zigzag records with changing accompanying musicians until the mid-1980s. Ziggy XY also published a volume of poetry titled The German and published together with E. K. T. the Fanzine Today, which contained mostly collages and fictitious concert reviews and record reviews. So enjoy this last post 2018 and I wish you all a great New Year’s Eve!!

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