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Download KSMB – Sardjentpepper (1989) CD Megaupload

Information about this music album download:

Band Name: KSMB

Music Album: Sardjentpepper

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Record Label: MNW

Album Release Country: Sweden

Music Record Type: 21 Tracks CD

Swedish punk band formed in 1978 in Skärholmen.

At first, the band was called Skärholmens Gymnasiums Punkensemble. In 1978, they changed their name to KSMB.

They did their last gig on May 27, 1982 and then split up. In 1993, the band was reunited and was active until 1996. The reason was that the band's original bassist Mats Nilsson wanted to do a concert before he would radiate a auditory nerve tumor. Several of the band's former members lined up. Nilsson managed the radiation treatment and the reunion resulted in a larger number of concerts and the record "En gång till". In 2015, the band was reunited for a gig at Bråvalla festival. In February 2017, the band released the album "Ond Saga" which was also followed up with a tour.

KSMB means Kurt-Sunes med Berit.

21 Tracks
1 Abab2:01
2 Hårding1:52
3 Förortsbarn2:03
4 Tidens Tempo2:15
5 Dörrterror2:24
6 Varför Lever Du?2:17
7 Povero Papa4:01
8 En Slemmig Torsk1:47
9 Dagen Då Alla Gav Upp3:34
10 Rövarnas Visa2:47
11 Förord Till Livet3:40
12 Sex Noll Två6:52
13 Blått & Guld2:31
14 Klockan 83:14
15 Polsk Zchlager3:50
16 Välkommen3:40
17 Jag Är Ingenting4:35
18 Jag Vill Bara Dansa3:19
19 Tänker På Dig6:10
20 Spatsiba2:29
21 Jag Vill Dö2:55

On rear cover: ℗ & © Musiknätet Waxholm AB 1989
On disc: ℗ & © MNW Records 1989

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