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Band Name: Lačni Franz

Music Album: Ilegalni Pubertetniki

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Alternative Rock

Record Label: Helidon

Album Release Country: Slovenia

Music Record Type: 14 Tracks CD

Lačni Franz is a now dissolved band from Maribor, Slovenia. They were formed in 1979 and their name literally translates into Hungry Franz. The name is a pun on Hungry Joe, a character from the novel Catch 22.

The band originaly consisted of Oto Rimele (lead guitar), Mirko Kosi (electric piano), Zoran Stjepanovič (bass guitar), Damjan Likavec (drums) and the vocalist Zoran Predin. Zoran and Oto were key members. The former responsible for the lyrics, the latter for the music. However, Rimele left the band in 1985 and was replaced by Milan Prislan. There were some other changes as well. Likavec was replaced by Andrej Pintarič in 1982, while Sašo Stojanovič and Nino Mureškič were band members only for a short period of time (Stojanovič in 1983 for the recording of the album "Ne Mi Dihat Za Ovratnik", Mureškič from 1987 until 1989).

The band almost split up in 1994 when Zoran Predin started a solo career. Boštjan Velkavrh joined as the new vocalist, but after a mediocre succes of the new album, the band finally split up in 2001.

The band (Predin, Prislan, Stjepanovič, Kosi, Pintarič, Mureškič) briefly regathered in 2005 for a series of concerts in Slovenia and other Ex-Yugoslavia.

14 Tracks
1 Paloma3:16
2 Vaterpolisti3:41
3 Adijo, Pamet1:51
4 Ne Mi Dihat Za Ovratnik3:19
5 Naša Lidija Je Pri Vojakih4:12
6 Zvonovi Temne Vode5:02
7 Kandidati Za Čestitke3:06
8 Na Svoji Strani4:21
9 Zdravljica3:33
10 Mravljinčarji In Čeladarji3:30
11 Tam Bi Rad Bil Pokopan4:06
12 Varovalke Padajo3:53
13 Srečno, Kekec4:09
14 Mirno Morje, Mikimaus!4:16

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