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Band Name: Lake Of Dracula

Music Album: Lake Of Dracula

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Noise Avantgarde Art Rock Math Rock

Record Label: Skin Graft Records

Album Release Country: United States

Music Record Type: 20 Tracks CD Album

Lake of Dracula, a side project for former and current members of Scissor Girls, U.S. Maple and the Flying Luttenbachers, debuted in mid-1997 with a self-titled album for the experimental/noise label Skin Graft. The band comprises vocalist Marlon Magas, guitarist Weasel Walter, drummer Heather M. and the Manhattanite on bass.


20 Tracks
1 Lake Of Dracula1:18
2 Plague Of Frogs1:31
3 Biographers Of The Flaming Druglords2:05
4 Cherries And Socks2:25
5 Blues Fantastique1:31
6 The Servo-Motor3:01
7 Green-Glassed Moves2:39
8 Violators2:37
9 Dracula Killed Frankenstein2:00
10 Coconut Wine2:02
11 The Carpet (Old Ghost)3:14
12 Henry Clay2:39
13 The Arctic Cats2:10
14 Memories Of Me2:28
15 Piss II2:13
16 Lake Of Dracula2:02
17 Blues Fantastique (Live)2:02
18 Plague Of Frogs (Live)2:04
19 Biographers Of The Flaming Druglords (Live)2:30
20 Henry Clay (Live)2:41

Expanded reissue. Includes a folding booklet.

Recorded at Kingsize North, Fall 1996
All Songs Published by Sedition Dog Music (BMI)/Leg of Louise (BMI)/ Young Ice (BMI)
c+p 1997 Skin Graft

Cat#: "GR 39" on CD, "gr 39" on booklet, "GR-39" on spine

Tracks 17-20 unlisted on record; referred to on sticker.

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