The Mob - No doves fly here

Contravene - A call to action
Fuck the flag

Against All Authority - AAA
Tagada Jones

Appalachian Terror Unit - We will continue to break the law and destroy property until we win
Leftover crack - Shoot the kids at school

Leftöver Crack – Rock The 40 Oz. (2020) CD Reissue Remastered

Band: Leftöver Crack

Album: Rock The 40 Oz.

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Ska Hardcore

Label: Non-Commercial Records

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 15 Tracks CD Reissue Remastered

Political Ska-Punk band hailing from New York City, emerging from the breakup of Choking Victim circa 2000.

Stza (Scott Sturgeon) - Vocals
Alec Baillie - Bass
Brad Logan - Guitar, Vocals
Donnie Morris - Drums

Former Members:
Amery Smith
Brandon Chevalier-Kolling
Ezra Kire
Ara Babajian
Chris Mann

15 Tracks
1 Intro1:12
2 Jesus Has A Place 4 Me (Rock The 40 Oz.)3:00
3 Nazi White Trash3:43
4 S.T.I. (Stop The Insanity)1:57
5 Muppet Namblin'1:40
6 The Good, The Bad And The LöC1:43
7 Outro0:40
8 Crack City Rockers2:43
9 Muppet N.A.M.B.L.A.1:01
10 Atheist Anthem (4-Track Demo Version)1:44
11 Nobody Is Free (4-Track Demo Version)1:29
12 Rock The 4-Track Oz.2:25
13a Gay Rude Boys Unite (Instrumental '99)
13b Apple Pie & Police State
Video Rock The Forty Oz.

Digipak, comes with 2 sided insert with lyrics

"Apple Pie & Police State" is not mentionned on back cover but in credits. The track is include after "Gay Rude Boys Unite (Instrumental '99)" in track 13, total duration for track 13 is 6:11.

© 1999, 2004 BANKSHOT! Records
All songs, ℗ 1999 Leftover Crack

Songs 2-5, 8, 9 & 13 recorded @ Succulent Sounds, Highland Park, USA. Performed by the 1999 Crack Team Lineup (Mr. Minus, Mr. B, Mr. Awol, Mr. T, Mr. Crack)
Songs 1, 6, 7 & 10-12 recorded @ the Disgruntled Nation Ghetto-Trailer in MT. on Ye Olde 4-Track by Stza 98-99.

" "Nazi White Trash" by Alec & Sturgeon of N.C.V.
"Apple Pie & Police State" by Sturg, Sascha, & John D. (Original C.V. Line-up).

Remastered 2004, Succulent Sounds.

Rated 4.5/5 based on 71 customer reviews

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